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Pure Magnetic Copper Leatherette Cuffs

Choose the Perfect Piece from Our Collection

We provide the best value for money to all our valuable customers through our products. The best quality Magnetic Pure Copper Leatherette Cuff and bracelets make you look stylish while worn. You can pick from our exclusive collection of designs as per your choice and budget.

Our copper bracelets make great gifts: One Size Fits All. They are a nice collection for yourself or your friends, and for your mother to relieve pain from arthritis and carpal tunnel during birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and more. Did you know that Ancient Egyptian history has revealed that wearing a copper bracelet helps combat problems like joint stiffness, joint pain, and joint inflammation?

Key Features

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High-Quality Magnets
Guaranteed Pure Copper
Finish Comfortable Fitting
Image by Angèle Kamp
Astonishing Prices
Antique Silver Smooth

Pure Copper Bracelets

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